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Apartment Four The Future is a not for profit recording and music production studio based in the heart of Williamsburg, North Brooklyn, NYC. We work by invitation only, on a case by case basis, producing art that just happens to be music, it is always about the individual works, always about the love of it, about injecting pulse altering influence into the blood stream of culture, about supporting and nurturing people determined to express themselves without compromise. We aim for the stars, we dream of something that may never be attainable, we strive for something that is almost always come upon by accident. 

At Apartment Four The Future studio it is not about the gear and the technical prowess of our engineers, it is about nurturing a kind of hermetic vacuum in space that can act as a conduit for inspiration, our goal is to facilitate the capture of lightening in a teacup, but if we happen to record the perfect pop song, I guess we can live with that.

Not that we dislike equipment, but making music is about so much more, it is just as likely that great music will come about in spite of inadequate tools, where there is the spirit and necessity to realize a project the honesty of simple means often serves best. We strive to attain the best possible results from available resources. We accept working gear.

At Apartment Four The Future studio art is our goal, it is not a business, it is not about the balance sheet. We measure success solely on the merits of our artistic production.

We share the costs and all collaborate on everything. From making tea one leaf at a time, to de-essing vocals one syllable at a time. Which brings us to our next important difference, here we believe that the process of making music, if done from the heart, is an act of fixing the world. The world came from sound, a bang, a word. We believe that sound can transform the world for the better.

We aim to please ourselves. We do not record music for the masses. We make individual songs for individual persons. If it moves Telesia we are sailing, if Kendrick feels it, we are on course. 

We rely on the skills of talented musicians, brainy engineers, and those who have nothing but passion. We recognize greatness not in the size of an ego but in the size of a heart. 

We live in a used world, and we like it used, second hand, tried and true, we like to experiment with toys old and new and have a playful approach to adopting technology. Did we mention that we accept donations.

We are not religious about analogue over digital or vice versa. If it makes waves then we'll set sail on it. We know from experience that objectivity in art is an illusion. When it comes to sound, there is always something the ears hear that cannot be accounted for by the system or reduced to phase cancellation.

You can't catch a mythical creature riding a bulldozer, you may even squish one. Our approach to mixing is to creep up on it, with no sudden movements, use the element of surprise, to stay a step ahead of it. A great mix is achieved through mental discipline and total faith in instinct. We set traps and outsmart a mix and then tickle its tummy into willing submission.   

If you want to work with us, we don't blame you, we wouldn't work with anyone else, but we can say with confidence that it is probably not going to happen. If that is not enough to dissuade you, the best way to try to work with us would be to move to Wiliamsburg and take up running.