Apartment Four The Future was the home recording and music production studio of Eight Two, based first in the heart of Williamsburg, North Brooklyn, then in Park Slope and now reborn in its dedicated space in Santa Fe, New Mexico as ET Studio.

It is where Eight Two produces his art that just happens to be music, it is always about the individual works, always about the love of it, about injecting pulse altering life into the bloodstream of culture, about supporting and nurturing the determination to express himself without compromise. He aims for the stars, he dreams of something that may never be attainable, he strives for something that he has only come upon by accident.

At Apartment Four The Future / ET Studio it is and is not about the gear, it is about nurturing a kind of hermetic vacuum in space that can act as a conduit for productive momentum, his goal is to facilitate the capture of lightning in a teacup, but if he happens to record the perfect pop song, I guess he can live with that.

Not that he dislikes equipment, but making music is about so much more, it is just as likely that great music will come about in spite of inadequate tools, where there is the spirit and necessity to realize a project, the honesty of simple means often serves best. He strives to attain the best possible results from available resources.

At Apartment Four The Future / ET Studio high art, low art and especially everyday art is his goal, it is not a successful business, it does not have a positive balance sheet. He has learned to measure success solely on the merits of artistic production.

He makes tea one leaf at a time, coffee one bean at a time, he de-esses vocals one syllable at a time. Which brings us to his next important difference, here he believes that the process of making music, if done from the heart, is an act of fixing the world. The world came from sound, a bang, a word. He believes that sound can transform the world for the better.

He aims to please himself. He does not record music for the masses. He makes individual songs for individual persons. If it moves Stefunny he is sailing, if Roro feels it, he is on course.

He relies on the skills of a self described untalented musician, he is a figure it out as you go engineer, his only expertise is passion. He recognizes greatness not in the size of an ego but in the size of a heart.

He lives in a used world, and he likes it used, second hand, tried and true, he likes to experiment with toys old and new and have a playful approach to adopting technology. He accepts donations he also gives the equipment is no longer uses away.

He is not religious about analogue or digital - in the box or through the wires. If it makes waves then he'll embark on it. He knows from experience that objectivity in art is an arrogant illusion. When it comes to sound, there is always something the ears hear that cannot be accounted for by the system or reduced to phase cancellation.

You can't catch a mythical creature riding a bulldozer, you may even squish one. His approach to mixing is to sneak up on it, with no sudden movements, use the element of surprise, to stay a step behind or ahead of it, he sets traps to outsmart a mix and if he catches it, he will tickle its tummy into willing submission. He believes mixing is not a time for big moves, that’s why most of his mixes are unfinishable, even though the end is in sight, each step forward just divides the remaining distance in half, ad infinitum. A great mix is achieved through mental discipline and total faith in instinct - both of which he does not have - but mostly great mixes are achieved in retrospect.

If you want to work with him, he doesn't blame you, we wouldn't work with anyone else, but he can say with confidence that it is probably not going to happen. If that is not enough to dissuade you, the best way to try to work with him would be to move to Santa Fe and take up running.